Christianity isn’t a chick flick

Cover of "Gladiator (Widescreen Edition)&...

Cover of Gladiator (Widescreen Edition)

My favourite film ever has to be Gladiator. Wonderful. A brief summary:

  • We’re introduced to the best ever man at everything, mainly fighting.
  • Everything goes wrong and suddenly everyone in the world is against him.
  • He fixes his eyes on the goal and takes every necessary risk, making every necessary sacrifice to get there.
  • He kills the bad guys and ends up saving the day, and ends up marrying the most beautiful woman ever.

Ok, perhaps the whole marrying bit doesn’t happen in Gladiator, but I think you’ll be able to spot from the above that the storyline is pretty much identical to every James Bond film, the Bourne series, Lord of the Rings, Taken, Indiana Jones, Superman, Spider Man…actually, every single MAN film is exactly the same when it comes down to it.

And every chick flick’s the same:

  • We’re introduced to a cute girl with a better life than any girl you know (although perhaps with some quirky characteristic).
  • She meets a guy who really, really annoys her.
  • Some funny stuff happens, normally involving water at some stage, which keeps forcing them together.
  • It turns out that they both really like each other, so they live happily ever after.

Now compare this to the way we tend to talk about Christianity:

  • We’re introduced to Adam and Eve, who lived a lovely life in the Garden, but they ate that fruit.
  • Man keeps disobeying God’s rules, and now we’re in real trouble.
  • Jesus came to us because he really loves us and will do anything to be in a personal relationship with us.
  • We simply believe, and will be with him forever.

True, yes? And like a chick flick, yes? No wonder almost every church around the world is over-populated with women!

How’s about we start talking about Christianity more like this:

  • God is infinitely powerful.
  • Satan messed everything up to the point that man rebelled as well.
  • God went on a mission and ended up dying to save the world.
  • He came back to life and through that conquered sin and death, and welcomes us to join him on his adventure!

Maybe that sounds more appealing to men. Just a thought.

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One Response to “Christianity isn’t a chick flick”
  1. Now THAT’S what I want to hear more of! Just glancing through Acts, you don’t see much invitation to enter ‘a personal relationship’ with Christ as the basis of the proclamation.

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